Leonard & Jean – Solemization Selects

This was a garden solemnization with Rilakkuma theme! The couple is a big fan of Rilakkuma and even the groom’s corsage was the white Korilakkuma holding a smaller brown Rilakkuma! I was told that their house got more of it than those display here.

It was a simple but cosy event for the couple. Everyone were merrying and having a lot of fun. The Justice of Peace Dr Phua Tan Tee sure made the whole event even more fun and lively with his usual antics and jokes.

Let’s us enjoy the blissful moment of the couple!

Capturing The Frames Of Love * Devotion * Feelings

 photo L_J_1000of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1001of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1002of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1003of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1004of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1005of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1006of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1007of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1008of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1009of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1010of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1011of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1012of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1013of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1014of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1015of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1016of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1017of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1018of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1019of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1020of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1021of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1022of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1023of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1024of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1025of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1026of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1027of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1028of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1029of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1030of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1031of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1032of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1033of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1034of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1035of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1036of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1037of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1038of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1039of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1040of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1041of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1042of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1043of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1044of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1045of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1046of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1047of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1048of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1049of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1050of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1051of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1052of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1053of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1054of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1055of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1056of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1057of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1058of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1059of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1060of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1061of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1062of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1063of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1064of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1065of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1066of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1067of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1068of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1069of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1070of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1071of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1072of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1073of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1074of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1075of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1076of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1077of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1078of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1079of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1080of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1081of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1082of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1083of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1084of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1085of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1086of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1087of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1088of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1089of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1090of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1091of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1092of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1093of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1094of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1095of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1096of98.jpg
 photo L_J_1097of98.jpg

Alphonse & Cherie – Same Day Edit

Despite having only 2hrs of sleep on Fri prior to the wedding the next day, I am so surprised that I am not tired at all when I reached home after the morning session finished. I carried on processing Alphonse & Cherie same day edit till the very last hour I went off to the hotel for the night session. I guessed this must be the Passion can override your tiredness just like in army we was always told by our officers on mind over body analogy!

Yanzai & Sharon – Wedding Day Selects

This was my first time shooting at Hotel Novotel and also my first time shooting a military wedding. I have been waiting to shoot a military wedding since I started wedding photography! Finally my wish was granted. It was a fun filled solemnization by the effervescent JP Dr Phua. The couple and the guests enjoyed every minute of the event.

Let’s us enjoy the blissful moment of the couple!

Capturing The Frames Of Love * Devotion * Feelings

 photo YZ_Sharon_1of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_2of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_4of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_5of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_3of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_6of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_7of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_8of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_9of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_11of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_10of158-1.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_12of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_13of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_14of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_15of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_16of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_18of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_17of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_19of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_20of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_21of158-1.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_22of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_23of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_26of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_24of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_25of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_28of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_27of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_30of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_29of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_32of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_31of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_33of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_34of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_35of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_37of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_38of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_36of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_39of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_40of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_41of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_42of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_43of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_44of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_45of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_46of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_47of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_48of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_49of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_50of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_51of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_52of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_53of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_54of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_55of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_56of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_57of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_58of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_59of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_60of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_62of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_61of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_65of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_66of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_63of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_64of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_67of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_68of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_69of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_70of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_71of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_72of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_73of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_74of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_75of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_76of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_78of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_79of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_80of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_77of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_82of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_81of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_83of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_84of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_85of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_86of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_87of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_88of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_89of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_90of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_91of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_92of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_93of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_94of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_95of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_96of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_97of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_100of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_101of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_102of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_103of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_104of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_105of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_106of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_98of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_99of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_107of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_108of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_109of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_110of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_111of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_112of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_113of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_114of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_115of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_116of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_117of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_118of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_119of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_120of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_121of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_122of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_123of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_124of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_125of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_126of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_127of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_128of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_129of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_130of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_131of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_132of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_134of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_133of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_135of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_136of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_137of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_138of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_139of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_140of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_141of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_142of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_143of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_144of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_145of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_146of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_147of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_148of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_149of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_150of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_151of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_152of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_153of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_154of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_155of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_156of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_157of158.jpg

 photo YZ_Sharon_158of158.jpg