Wedding Highlights

Alphonse & Cherie – Same Day Edit

Despite having only 2hrs of sleep on Fri prior to the wedding the next day, I am so surprised that I am not tired at all when I reached home after the morning session finished. I carried on processing Alphonse & Cherie same day edit till the very last hour I went off to the hotel for the night session. I guessed this must be the Passion can override your tiredness just like in army we was always told by our officers on mind over body analogy!

Jun Qiang & Michelle – Wedding Day Slideshow

This is a special video I done for Jun Qiang & Michelle. It is a special collection of their lovely pictures on their wedding day! I enjoyed very much and are very honored to witness their matrimony!

Jun Qiang & Michelle Wedding Day
Photography : Dave Wong Photography & Cris Sison


Andy & Amanda – Wedding Day Slideshow

This is a special surprise video I did for Andy & Amanda. I hope they like it.

Capturing The Frames of Love * Devotion * Feelings

Andy & Amanda – 26th Jan 2013 Wedding Day Selects from Dave Wong on Vimeo.